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About Renée

Renee Harp - Naples Fine ArtistWhy I do this, and where the art comes from

For me beauty, love, happiness, and inner peace, even peace towards others, are pretty much synonymous or at least inextricably connected. In that state of overflowing well-being everyone and everything is apparent in its beauty and it feels easy to love, to be happy, to feel good will, abundant generosity, and hopefulness for the future.

I believe this is one of the roles of art. When we say it is just for enjoyment I believe down to my toes that this is precisely what makes it one of the most important things going. Art elevates, at least potentially. When we look at something and like it or it speaks to our impractical self, or it inspires us to see more than we did a moment before, that is a momentary transcendence of our human-ness, of our logic and fear and effort and plodding.

An art museum isn’t the sharp adrenaline rush of the amusement park. It’s a slower, hotter burn. And it lasts longer than the ride home. I don’t know if art can solve the world’s problems. What I do know is that the more moments of inspiration, admiration, joy, and true satisfaction that I feel, the better a person I am. What food and entertainment and other easy alterations of state fail to provide, love of beauty delivers. It is the reason humans are compelled by things that delight the senses. And the more we are deeply delighted, not superficially, but deeply touched, the happier, more generous, and more full of good will we are. This is an elevation of human spirit in general. This is something I want to be a part of. And this is why I am compelled to create. 

So with every brush stroke and opened jar of something fuchsia or periwinkle or lime, with every pliable thing I can mold to some inner urging, everything I can string and therefore wear, I am trying to touch that place in me. Odds are, if I do enough of it, some of it touches someone else. And that, I am learning, is the enough I am seeking.

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