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About The Jewelry

About the Jewelry - Heart Necklace

The Silver Hearts are artisan pendants, miniature sculptures made of pure fine silver. They are officially designated 99.9% silver. Each heart is unique and utterly one-of-a-kind and made entirely by hand, by Renée. Hearts range from tiny love tokens barely 1/4 of an inch wide, up to large statement pieces of an inch or two.

The hearts hang on sterling silver chains 18’’ in length, unless otherwise designated. (Some of the tiny treasures are on 16” chains.) The chain design has been specially selected to complement each heart. The necklace chain has a sterling clasp, either spring ring or lobster, as seen in the whole necklace view on the product pages.

You will notice that some necklace chains have been altered, and have tiny gemstone links, and larger clasps and rings for the closure.   If you are purchasing a necklace for someone with tiny fingers, or someone who has difficulty with small chain clasps, this may be a preferable feature. If you fall in love with a piece that doesn’t have this feature, and you need it, please Contact Renée to discuss a selection that can accommodate this type of alteration. Pricing will be determined by the number of gemstones, and the size of clasp and ring.

About the Jewelry - Renee Harp

Chains are available in 16” lengths as well, a change which can be made at no additional charge. Please note that this is not available for necklaces that have gemstone links in the chain already. These hearts are not removable from their chains. They are visible in the whole necklace view on the product pages. And by all means, feel free to Contact Renée if you have any questions!

All silver jewelry needs some special care to maintain its appearance. The hearts are packaged with anti-tarnish tabs, and as long as they are kept in a box, or jewelry drawer, or closed container, they will not tend to tarnish. You will notice that the hearts are finished with a patina. This is not tarnish, but many people prefer the slightly antiqued look that tarnish adds to a piece with patina. If you are not fond of this, and over time your piece becomes darker than you prefer, a professional jeweler can remove the tarnish, without damaging the patina, AS LONG AS you alert them to this prior to treatment. Some treatments will remove tarnish and patina, so be sure to check. The pendants themselves deserve special care, but they are hardened to the strength of sterling, so unless they are subjected to trauma, they should last forever, and become heirlooms.

About the Jewelry - Hearts in a Row

Wear them and gift them to others with my blessings!


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