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Heart Snippets

Heart Snippets are 11x15 mixed media paintings with little bits of words to brighten your day, or light the way. Selected originals are made available from time to time. If interested, contact Renée for more information about available works.

Giclée reproductions of these original paintings are created in two formats, printed on matte finish fine art paper with archival ink, and packaged in a cellophane sleeve with an archival back board, ready for framing.

The 11x14 prints are carefully cropped to fit standard size frames. The original signature is retained in the reproduction.

Snippets of snippets are 8x10 closeups, selected to feature the quotes and an artistic sectioning of the colorful heart. They are signed on the reverse, as the original front signature is typically cropped out.

Renee Harp - Heart Snippets 11x14

11x14 reproductions of original paintings

Renee Harp - Heart Snippets 8x10

8x10 snippets of snippets

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