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Love is the Master Plan - Excerpts

Excerpt from the Book, Love is the Master Plan Verse # 3

Love is a Verb

Not the feeling (oh wondrous worthy feeling)
Love, the action
No feelings required
I don’t have to agree with you…
I don’t have to understand you…
I don’t even have to like you…
To love you, the action
… To cause no harm,
          and even to the best of my abilities,
…To wish you well, and all good things
…To speak and act kindly, helpfully
…To do everything in my power
          to create huge and tiny amounts
          of beauty and good and kind and nice

Excerpt from the Book, Love is the Master Plan Verse # 16

I create my world

I dwell in rage, and my day is full of injustice.
          I leave a trail of destruction, though that is the
          furthest from my intent.
          I’m just hurt and angry.
          But the pain I cause is real.
          And mine is multiplied.
You believe that story, don’t you?

I complain endlessly about being a victim, blameless.
          And my helplessness renders me
          at the mercy of the outrageous
          uncaring world.
          A victim.
          You believe that story, don’t you?

I know the odds. I know what they did before. Every time. But I am prepared (this
is not an excuse for laziness). And I insist that this time, it will go better than before. I insist that it will turn out better than I have any reason to realistically believe in. I have created a vision, it is clear in my head, how everyone is in a better, more resourceful place. How everyone is really ready for things to turn out differently. How everyone is more mature now; it does happen.

But you don’t believe that insistence has any power?

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